20schemes Women

20schemes Women is preparing and equipping women in Scotland’s schemes for christian ministry in their local church.

At 20schemes, we want to see women transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and growing to maturity in their faith.

In the most deprived schemes, 52% of all families are run by single parents according to One Parent Families Scotland. Nine out of ten of these single parents are women.

Many women in the schemes are struggling without the advice and discipleship that a mature believer provides. Amongst the complicated melting pot of problems and struggles they face, it’s not wise for a man to counsel or invest serious amounts of time into a women’s life.

The type of support, friendship and counsel many women need must come from good, Godly women who are closely involved in their lives for the long haul.

Therefore, in the schemes, we must make women’s ministry a high priority in the local church.

20schemes Women prepares women for ministry in four primary ways:


We believe that accountability, along with a consistent intake of solid Bible teaching, is vital to healthy discipleship.


Training specifically for women’s workers, a distance learning course and a monthly ‘fraternal’ training for women in the schemes.


Twice-yearly Women’s Weekender Conference, Women’s Ministry Day Workshops and 4-Day Intensives.


‘Preparing Women For Ministry’ Resource Guide, ‘Accountability Questions’ for discipleship & book resources.

Women who are mature in their faith and from all walks of life are being trained to live and serve in Scotland’s poorest communities. The ministry of these women is firmly grounded in the local church, complementing the work of the elders, and in complete submission to leadership.

Why not browse our selection of Women’s Ministry books?

‘Unconventional’ by Sharon Dickens is a practical guide to women’s ministry in the local church.

‘Unexceptional’ by Sharon Dickens is a collection of stories from women in ministry around the world.

‘First Steps’ is a series of books written for new believers, with two featured books written by Sharon Dickens.

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We desperately needs mature Christian women to come and make Jesus known in the schemes. Whether short or long-term, is God calling you to serve Him here in Scotland?