Church Planting & Revitalisation

The average time frame from the beginning stages of a church plant in the schemes to launching services takes three years.

The first step in church planting often occurs when we are contacted by a church or potential church planter who already has ties to a scheme. We seek to build partnerships with local churches in order to plant a new church.

Next, a church-planting team is established. 20schemes recruits church planters, gospel workers, and interns. But the real power in planting is when indigenous people come to know Jesus and join the team.

This is church planting in the schemes.


Linda met two Christian women at her local community centre. She was invited to a Bible study where she heard the gospel. Over time, her friendship with these women grew and she learned more about Jesus. She is now a believer and is active at the church plant in her scheme.
This is evangelism in the schemes.

In Community

Our church planters and ministry workers must live in the scheme they are planting and be part of the community. This often means that they must relocate. We want those evangelising the neighbourhood to live and work in the area rather than traveling in and out of the scheme.


Getting involved in the community is vital, whether that’s visiting the local café on a consistent basis or volunteering at the local school. Scheme culture is quite skeptical of outsiders, so trust must be built with contacts before one is accepted into the community. This can take months to years of work.


Katy is the only Christian in her family. Until coming to a gospel church in her scheme, she didn’t know Jesus and had never heard the gospel. Now, new in her faith, Katy walks with a mature Christian to read the Bible, ask questions, be held accountable, and navigate through life on a daily basis.
This is discipleship in the schemes.


We believe that accountability, along with a consistent intake of solid Bible teaching, is vital to healthy discipleship. Each believer, new and mature, is paired with someone to have weekly one-to-one Bible study as well as accountability.

Support For Planters

Church planting in poor communities has its own set of unique challenges. 20schemes teaches church planters, both new and experienced, how to contextualise to planting in the schemes specifically. Planters receive visits from a pastoral coach as well as maintaining regular contact to work through ministry situations.


Graeme is native to the schemes of Scotland. He has gone from living a life of chaos to serving in full-time ministry in his home scheme after being trained through 20schemes. We want to see the churches in the schemes led by indigenous leaders like Graeme.

Ministry Internships

This is a two-year commitment made up of mature Christians and new believers, both international and indigenous. Interns are assigned to a church planting team where they receive practical, hands-on experience. All interns are enrolled in the Ragged School of Theology.

Ragged School of Theology

The Ragged School of Theology aims to provide Christian ministry training that suits those who learn best practically and actively. The Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology is offered in year 1 with Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications available in years 2 and 3.

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