20schemes Retrain

20schemes is committed to seeing healthy churches planted and revitalised in the schemes of Scotland, and reaching the lost in the schemes with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Discipling indigenous converts (those who come to faith having grown up in the schemes) for acts of service in the local church is more than just teaching them theology. We also want to provide opportunities for them to live out their faith as they become men and women who work hard in serving our communities.

But there’s a problem.

In the schemes of Scotland, unemployment is, on average, nearly five times worse than the national unemployment figure of 4.5%.

If we’re going to help people mature in Christ, this is something we can’t ignore.

That’s why we’ve launched 20schemes Retrain, a back-to-work employability project with several aims:

  • To give people a theological foundation for understanding why work is important. That is, we want to help people see that work is valuable because God says it is.
  • To train people to use their God-given skills so that they might obtain honest, meaningful work in their community.
  • To create pathways for existing Christian businesses to participate in the discipleship and further growth of new believers.

Here’s how you can support the work of 20schemes Retrain:


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Retrain is a new project for us, and we are constantly looking out for people to help us in the work. Is this you? Email our Retrain manager, Linsey Melo de Silva.