About Barlanark

Barlanark is a scheme of roughly 3800 people in the East End of Glasgow. Its people are full of pride, banter and community spirit. There are many great things about Barlanark. The local non-denominational primary is ranked as one of the best schools in Scotland.

There is a history of strong community work from the Church of Scotland, Housing Associations and Public Sector bodies. It’s home to many residents who have spent their whole lives here and have no intention of leaving.

Yet the Scottish Government also ranks it as one of the ‘Most Deprived’ areas of Scotland in the SIMD (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation). This report found that Barlanark has;

  • 31% of people classed as ‘income deprived’ which is double the national average.
  • 29% of people classed as ‘employment deprived’ which is triple the national average.
  • 15% of people on prescribed medication for mental health which is double the national average.

These stats at least show that, like most areas, behind the scenes there are people who are struggling. These people need to know hope.

We believe that true hope comes from believing the gospel and being transformed by Jesus, therefore the biggest need the people of Barlanark have is to hear the good news that Jesus saves.

Hope for Barlanark

In 2013, 20schemes partnered with Harper Church in Glasgow to plant a church in Barlanark, led by planters Pete Stewart and Pete Bell. Hope Community Church Barlanark launched in January 2018 and has seen many people be saved by Jesus. Hope Community Church is now an established church that is ‘making Jesus known in Barlanark and beyond by proclaiming the gospel, by making disciples, and by living in community.’

Current needs for prayer:

  • Pray for our church to be more like Jesus as we are fed by His word and encouraged by His people.
  • Pray for the 4,000 lost souls of Barlanark to come to know Jesus and then share that HOPE with those around them.
  • Pray for a building in the scheme to use as a base for our ministry and for our Sunday gatherings. Without a building it has been a lot harder to reach into the scheme with the Gospel.
  • Pray for wisdom and vision as we function as the hub for 20schemes in the west of Scotland, especially as 1/3 of our members work towards planting a new church in Bailieston.

Pray for HCCB’s team:

Pete, Lindsey, Josh, Nathan, Micah, and Karis Stewart
Pete, Cara, Lewis, and Joel Bell
Reagan, Gracie, Danny and Carrie Eddins

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