About Niddrie

Niddrie is a very close-knit community in Edinburgh that has a strong sense of identity. With a population of over 4400, Niddrie is part of an ongoing regeneration in Edinburgh and, as new houses and apartments are being built, this is bringing a number of young professionals and first-time buyers into the area. Coupled with the influx of a growing immigrant population, Niddrie is an ever-changing community bringing many new opportunities to reach out with the gospel. Despite a multi-million-pound redevelopment project, it has all the problems associated with inner-city housing schemes: unemployment, drugs, educational problems, mental health issues, and violence. 42% of Niddrie’s population are recorded as being ‘income deprived’. It is the most deprived scheme in Edinburgh and ranks as the 31st most deprived area in Scotland, according to the government’s deprivation index.

Hope for Niddrie

Niddrie Community Church is a revitalised church that was replanted from an old mission hall 15 years ago. Charlotte Chapel, a large city centre church, got involved in the process back in 1996. A new building was erected on the site in 2006 and Niddrie Community Church became a legal, charity registered, independent church with its own elected eldership in January 2012. 20schemes is a ministry of Niddrie Community Church.

This summer Niddrie Community Church hosted a holiday club for children in the community.

It was great to see a good mix of church kids and local children from the community with no ties to the church.

Pray that in the aftermath of the club, connections would be made with young people and their families alike, and that people (young & old) would come to know Jesus!

Watch this short video that our media intern put together.

Current needs for prayer:

  1. Please pray for the their new international outreach in the community. There have been a number of international families visiting the church lately.
  2. Pray for all of the unbelievers that continually come to church and other events. Pray for a harvest of souls!
  3. Pray for unity and direction with in the ministry team serving in Niddrie. There are many new team members.
Andy & Debbie Constable, with Isla, Isaac & Ezra

Jason & Gretchen Nelson, with Andi, Parker, Emry, Inzi, & Judah
Sam & Rachel Wilkins

Natasha Davidson

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