• That the Lord would establish Merkinch Free Church and enable us to Launch.
  • Pray for people in our community to respond to the Good News in faith and trust in Jesus.
  • Pray that all we do is held up by prayer and support by our members and our partners.

About Merkinch

Merkinch, located in the city of Inverness, is among the most deprived areas in Scotland despite being less that two miles away from one of the wealthiest areas. This scheme is a close-knit community.

Known locally as “The Ferry”, Merkinch sits on a man-made island across the river from Inverness city-centre. It has a population of around 4,500 and according to a recent news article by the Inverness Courier, more than two-thirds of that number are either income or employment-deprived.

Hope for Merkinch

20schemes has partnered with the Free North Church in Inverness to revitalise a church in this area.

Chris Davidson, along with his wife Katherine, are three years into planting Merkinch Free Church. As well as regular Sunday services, Chris and Katherine also lead a community night each week where they prepare a meal and have Bible study, and run a weekly community cafe which is well attended by locals, especially mums with their children.

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