Bingham and Magdalene

Bingham and Magdalene are two small neighbouring schemes in Edinburgh that are home to many Scottish people as well as many ethnic groups that are moving into the area. This area has a strong sense of community with locals being active in community gardens and neighbourhood activities. However, these neighbourhoods have some complicated problems.

In the 2012 Index of Multiple Deprivation, the area was ranked 45 out of 6,505 in Scotland, where 1 was the most deprived area in Scotland. The scheme ranks at the lowest index for employment, health, and education, and at the bottom 14% in crime.

The schemes of Bingham and Magdalene had very little gospel presence and many were perishing without the good news of Jesus in their lives.

Hope for Bingham & Magdalene

Hope Church Bingham is a new Baptist church nestled right in the middle of the schemes of Bingham and Magdalene.

Originally, the building was home to a small brethren church. Several years ago, they began praying for someone to come and revive their church.

20schemes partnered with them in 2016, sending over a small church-planting team to help. Since then, by God’s grace, they have seen many people saved by Jesus in the schemes of Bingham and Magdalene.

On 4th October 2020, they launched as a new church!

Current needs for prayer:

  • Pray for a holy boldness to share the Gospel with our community.
  • Pray for continued unity within the church family.
  • Please pray for mature believers to move into our community to serve the church faithfully.
  • Pray for souls to be saved in Bingham & Magdalene.

Pray for HCB’s team:

Gerald & Morna White with Noah, James & Faith.

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