Introducing Indigenous Church Planting In The North Of England

Ian Williamson is a church planter in a council estate in Middlesbrough, in the North East of England. He recently spent some time with us in Niddrie and we are now able to support him and his wife, Rachel & 2 daughters (Esther & Hannah) as they seek to grow this ministry. Here is a […]

How To Build A Church Planting Team

A good planter and revitaliser will have to be a first rate communicator. They must be able to explain the their vision, excite and stimulate people and incentivise them to join his team. A good leader will need to communicate the following in the early days: Explain the gospel Explain what healthy church should look […]

What Kind Of People Make Great Team Members In New Church Plants & Revitalisations?

Although we have three main full-time positions we would like to fill for each scheme we engage in – church planter, female outreach worker & ministry assistant – our fledgling ministries are always on the lookout for potential team members. A solid team of people committed to the gospel and the same vision have a […]

$3,000/£1900 Year End Matching Challenge

Generous donors have pledged to match every new donation made in December, up to a total of $3,000/£1900. $1 will be donated for each £/$ on one-time donations. Likewise, each new recurring donor will be matched for the first month (example: a new £/$20-month recurring donor will be matched by $20). This matching challenge is open to all donors, regardless […]

Tips For Church Planting In The Schemes (1)

This is the first on a series of posts on how to approach church planting in the schemes. There isn’t one clear way to plant a church in a housing scheme. There are multiple ways to approach the ministry.  Pioneer a church plant from scratch. Take a team of believers with you into an area […]

What Is The Gospel? New Online Resource Coming Soon

Next year 20schemes will be launching an online study called: “What is the gospel?” Thanks to Greg Gilbert’s brilliant little book (available here) and help from Ligonier Ministries. We are hoping to provide solid, biblical resources over the coming years to those working in schemes and hard places. However, we need you! We would like […]

The Role Of The Local Church In Evangelism (1)

If we are committed to evangelism fuelled by the doctrine of God’s election, then the best place for this to take place has to be the local church. As Christians go into the world with the message of the gospel we are called to baptise people into the church. It is within that local body […]

The Deep, Pastoral Encouragement Of The Doctrine Of Election

This is the second part of my thoughts on why the doctrine of election encourages biblical evangelism among the lost. It was the stench that got to me first. It was 100 degrees outside, humidity was topping 90% and there were up to a dozen boys and young men crammed into tiny, cage like cells. […]

Why The Doctrine Of Election Lights The Fire Of Evangelism (1)

We used to hate firemen on our estate when I was a kid. As soon as we heard the sounds of their alarms blaring in the distance we knew at once that our fun was almost at an end. You see, we used to light these massive ‘bonnies’ (bonfires) every year from wood and old […]

Let’s Not Preach The Gospel Using Words If Necessary: Reclaiming Evangelism For Scotland’s Schemes

With the explosion of interest in mercy ministry in evangelical Churches has come a lot of well-intentioned people with a lot of poorly thought out theology. So, it’s not uncommon to hear people refer to evangelism in the following terms: Preach the gospel and use words if necessary. Evangelism is as much about what we […]