A New Film About Our Church Planter In Dundee

Andy & Lauren Mathieson have recently moved to Lochee, a poor community in the city of Dundee. The following film introduces them, the area and the current opportunities we have within that community. We are praying that God will revitalise this work and we will have a growing gospel centred church over the coming years. […]

What’s The Point Of Life?

Many years back I wrote an autobiography entitled: “Is The Anybody Out There?” published by Christian Focus Publications. Recently, that book has been shortened into a booklet in the hopes that it can be used as an evangelistic tool. It is only 24 pages long and contains a short explanation of the gospel at the […]

Is The Bible Too Complicated For Those Who Struggle To Read?

by Andy Prime¬† (Church Planter for Gracemount) When I was 18 or19 I learned how to read books. I man really read them. Prior to that my reading had been limited to the menu in a restaurant or the football results on the TV. But, then I read this one book and discovered that I […]

Can I Really Trust The Bible? A Review Of What I Believe Is A Really Orange Book

The Good Book Company are on a real roll with this new series of mini books they have recently been publishing. They are new, fresh, well written and supremely engaging. This new one entitled: ‘Can I Really Trust The Bible?’ is the absolute cream of the crop. Here’s what I wrote for their blurb. This […]

Church Planting Basics: Growing & Developing A Launch Team

How will you grow and disciple your launch team, leaders and new believers? This may seem like a premature question if all you’ve currently done is move into an area and are still in the information gathering phase. But a good planter is always thinking ahead. As followers of Jesus Christ, we never get to […]

Helping Broken People Connect To The Love Of Jesus: A Book Review

Counselling is big business in the Western World. Never has a people that has had so much materially suffered from such a range of psychological problems. Thanks to the work of groups such as CCEF Christians have more access to solid, biblical counselling material than ever before. I was looking forward to this book, particularly […]

Church Planting Basics: Make Sure You’re Not Too Welcoming!

The early stages of forming a launch group for a new church are particularly vulnerable. Once word gets around that something ‘new’ is starting people will want to become a part of it. This is both good and bad. It is good if you attract the right sort of people. They are very few and […]

What Can The Poor Teach Us About The Doctrine Of Total Depravity?

Andy Prime is one of our new men in training to plant a church in Gracemount, a scheme in Edinburgh. From time to time he (and others) will be writing on the blog about their struggles and joys as they seek to establish a ministry in the schemes. We hope the perspective of a cultural […]

Carnal Christian: Fact or Fiction? Paul Washer Reviewed (2)

This is the second in Paul Washer’s ‘Recovering The Gospel’ trilogy of books. The book is divided into three parts and comes in at a relatively short 181 pages in total.¬† (1) The Gospel Call Here he looks at the biblical call to repentance explaining its eight essential characteristics. We are in a battle and […]

The Gospel’s Power & Message: Paul Washer Reviewed

Friends have been recommending Paul Washer to me for some time. I find that the fella is a bit like Marmite in the Christian world insomuch that people either seem to love him or hate him. Those who dislike him find him ‘too polemic‘ (which is generally posh speak for black and white). The schemes […]