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Kevin DeYoung

Why Kevin DeYoung Loves 20schemes

In March of 2016, Kevin DeYoung, author and senior pastor of University Reformed Church (East Lansing, Michigan) visited Niddrie Community Church to meet some of the members and check out 20schemes. In this sort video,

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What Scotland And West Atlanta Surprisingly Have In Common

This is the first part of a longer conversation we had in May 2016, discussing the differences and similarities in contexts and issues between Niddrie, a housing scheme in Scotland, and the hood in West

Is 20schemes Patronising People By Calling Them Poor?

We have now been church planting full time for just under a year. It has been equally energising and draining. Full of exhilarating highs and desperate lows. We have been encouraged by much needed support,

What Is The Greatest Challenge To Evangelism & Discipleship In Deprived Western Communities

Erik Raymond is the senior pastor of Emmaus Bible Church in Omaha, Nebraska and has a blog, The Ordinary Pastor, on The Gospel Coalition. In this video, Erik explains that one of the greatest challenges

Mark Dever Introducing 20schemes

Mark Dever on How Can We Make Gospel Conferences Accessible To The Poor?

Conferences are great tools to encourage people, to give instruction. They also presume a good bit of money often. You have to be able to travel to them… hotels… food while you’re there. Whatever charge

Mark Dever Introducing 20schemes

Mark Dever On How Churches In Rich Areas Can Do Gospel Ministry In Poor Communities?

Mark Dever is the senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., and the president of 9Marks. In this video, Mark encourages pastors and leaders of churches in rich areas to spend time

The Best Way To Give To The Poor Is Through The Local Church

By Steve Levy Please as you read this radically think about what you are giving your money to. I believe many Christians are missing the opportunity of investing for eternity, saving the fatherless and the

Stop Giving To The Poor & Start Giving To The Church

Written by Steve Levy. Anyone who reads Acts and the letters can’t but be intimidated – how hard it is to help those in need – whether looking at Acts 2, 7 or 1 Timothy

Jesus & The Church: The Best Hope For The Poor

This article is the second of a series by Steve Levy, Pastor of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Swansea. There is so much being said about the poor. We should be involved in this project or

Are Our Churches Really Keeping The Poor At Arms Length?

This article is the first of a series by Steve Levy, Pastor of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Swansea. “You thought you’d like to save the world so you decided to stage a jumble sale for