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Lochee Baptist Chapel

Welcome To Lochee Baptist Chapel

On the 23rd of October 2016 the Lochee team covenanted together around our statement of faith. In doing that, we ceased to be a team and became a church. In some ways this was the

What's It Like In The First Few Months For A New Church Planter?

This post has been written by Andy Mathieson, a church planter in Lochee, Dundee. We are here. Now what? Lauren and I left Niddrie and moved to Lochee at the end of September 2014. When

A New Film About Our Church Planter In Dundee

Andy & Lauren Mathieson have recently moved to Lochee, a poor community in the city of Dundee. The following film introduces them, the area and the current opportunities we have within that community. We are


Introducing Our New Church Planter In Dundee

Originally posted on 16 September 2014 This was an exciting weekend at Niddrie Community Church as we inducted Andrew Mathieson into the ministry and sent him as a church planter to Lochee, Dundee in partnership