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‘He Will Hold Me Fast’ – 20schemes Music

Introduction – by Sol Fenne A few years ago at a Niddrie Community Church weekend away we sang Matt Merker’s re-working of the hymn ‘He Will Hold Me Fast’. For us at 20schemes, this hymn

‘Reach Out’ – 20schemes Music

‘Reach Out’ is a song my wife and I have written together. We’ve both been playing music for years, and while we’ve been involved in writing music before with bands, this is the first song

‘This Is Grace’ – 20schemes Music

I wrote ‘This Is Grace’ after realising that for the past few months I’ve been going around encouraging believers in our churches to write their own songs and hadn’t until now written one myself. This

Shut Up & Sing Up: Reflections On American "Worship"

There is a growing sense of unease when I visit many American churches. Call it something I can’t quite discern gnawing away at me. I noticed it a while back and it has only really