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6 Lessons The UK Church Needs To Learn To Reach Schemes & Council Estates 1/6

PART 1: GROWING NEIGHBOURHOOD CHURCHES Did you know that less than a third of 18 year olds went to university in 2016? Even if we include those who took a gap year that means that

Church Planting; What Happens When It Doesn’t Go Our Way?

It’s been a Proverbs 19:21 start to the year in Barlanark: Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand. (Proverbs 19:21) In

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Kevin DeYoung

Why Kevin DeYoung Loves 20schemes

In March of 2016, Kevin DeYoung, author and senior pastor of University Reformed Church (East Lansing, Michigan) visited Niddrie Community Church to meet some of the members and check out 20schemes. In this sort video,

A Transatlantic Elegy For An American Hillbilly

I got a tweet from an American friend a while back. “Give this book a try”, he wrote. “It’s a New York Times bestseller and everybody is going on about it. I’d be curious to

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This is the third part of a longer conversation we had in May 2016, discussing the differences and similarities in contexts and issues between Niddrie, a housing scheme in Scotland, and the hood in West


Just How Unreached Is Edinburgh With The Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Why are you planting churches in Scotland? It’s a Christian country isn’t it? This map is the result of a survey taken by a city centre church in 2007. The red areas indicates where there

The Keys To Breakthrough In The Housing Scheme (3/8) – Community Skills

Originally posted on 16 January 2013 Developing Community Skills Robert Lupton would call this a ‘redistribution of resources’. His logic being (albeit from a community development perspective): Christians should live in the area they are

The Keys To Breakthrough In The Housing Scheme (1/8) – Live In

Originally posted on 14 January 2013 We Must Be Prepared To “Live In” If we really want to make an impact for Christ in the many housing schemes up and down our nation then we