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Sing To Him A New Song

  Music and singing is a unique and fundamental part of corporate worship. Unique in its distinction as the mutual and participatory act of worship. Set apart from the reading of the Bible, praying and

No, You’re Not Welcome To Our New Church Launch!

Not beating about the bush, let me give you this blog in a sentence: Thanks SO much for supporting our church plant. But unless you’re local to Gracemount, please, please, please DON’T come to our

Old Donkeys Needed!

I once heard the story of a people group in somewhere like the Himalayan mountains who used donkeys to carry their belongings and supplies. Their journeys often traversed narrow mountain-passes where treacherous precipices guaranteed fatalities

Ready Steady Grow: An Underwhelming Book On The Church

Originally posted on 5 February, 2015 A ‘celebrity’ preacher, probably American, is preaching across the street from my house. This geezer is one of the top three ‘greats’ in the Christian world right now. But,

How Should A Church Planter Lead His First Ever Prayer Meeting?

Originally posted on 27 January 2015 There are 10 people in your living room. They’ve come to a prayer meeting about a potential church plant in the area. Now, they have come to pray, but


Amazing Grace: An Update From Our Church Planter In Gracemount

Andy & Sarah Prime are looking to establish a gospel church in Gracemount, a small scheme in Edinburgh. Please click here for further details of how you could support their work and receive updates from

Does Our Church Planting Strategy Include Dying?

Originally posted on 3 Oct, 2014 Andy Prime is one of our new men in training to plant a church in Gracemount, a scheme in Edinburgh. From time to time he (and others) will be


Introducing Our Exciting New Church Planting Initiative In Gracemount

Originally posted on 22 Aug, 2014 September is an exciting month for 20schemes. We will have a church planting project happening in Lochee, Dundee (more on this in later blogs) and we will begin the