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Church Planting; What Happens When It Doesn’t Go Our Way?

It’s been a Proverbs 19:21 start to the year in Barlanark: Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand. (Proverbs 19:21) In

Learning How To Do Church In Scotland's Schemes

It’s Monday morning; the staff and interns are bleary-eyed from the weekend past, sleepwalking through their morning routine, all thanks to 10 days of intense activity which, on the run up to it, was prophetically

Man, I Feel Like A Woman

We had our first ever ’20schemes Women’s Training Day’ on Tuesday. It’s something that has always been intended but seemed an impossibility to make a reality; to bring all the busy wives and women in ministry,

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An Update From Our Church Planters In Barlanark, Glasgow

Exactly a year ago we had just come back from our 20schemes staff week away which was our first week of full time church planting. Now, a year later, we are just back from our

Is 20schemes Patronising People By Calling Them Poor?

We have now been church planting full time for just under a year. It has been equally energising and draining. Full of exhilarating highs and desperate lows. We have been encouraged by much needed support,

Find Out Why 20schemes Is Not That Good… A Summer Interns Report

At 20schemes we offer summer internships which have proved to be very popular and are vastly over subscribed. Each year we wade through many applications, weeding out any potential muppets and giving priority to our

20schemes Weekender Session 4: Training Women In The Local Church

The 20schemes Weekender was Friday 5 to Sunday 7 June 2015 at Niddrie Community Church. This is the session video from session 4: Women in the Local Church by Sharon Dickens.

What is a 20schemes weekender & what happened when 100 people got together to discuss ministry in our poor communities?

Originally posted on 09 June 2015 Last weekend 104 people, including 35 children gathered together for a weekend at Niddrie Community Church for our inaugural 20schemes “Weekender”. Leaders from 12 churches and/or plants in various


Lessons From The Front: What I Would Do Differently If I Had To Plant Again (4)

You can listen to an audio recording of this blog post by clicking on the player below.   This is the fourth blog of a four part series by Dai Hankey, a church planter in