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Miriam has been serving in Niddrie since 2007. Over that time she has been involved with pretty much all the various ministries that the church run. In the past couple of years she has been focussing on women’s ministry in particular. She has been married to Mez (Ministry Director of 20schemes) since 1998 and they have two daughters.

Accountability, The Why and the How 2: What Accountability Looks Like

Titus is to set an example for the flock. Paul says the same to Timothy when he writes to him as well (1 Tim 4:12). Paul consistently taught this to young pastors specifically, but I

Accountability, The Why And The How 1: Why Have Accountability

This is the first of a 2 part post on accountability. This is a word that can conjure up different emotions. Some people are scared of it; they think that another person is going to

Loving Jesus, The Church & Your Husband As a Pastor’s Wife

A Review of The Pastor’s Wife by Gloria Furman When Mez gave me this book to read I was in two minds about how helpful it would be. I’ve read books like this before and

What Should I Tell My Kids About Santa?

In a recent conversation with another church planter’s wife, she asked me the question ‘What did you tell your girls about Santa?’ I thought this would make a good blog for this time of year.