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Lochee launch

This post was written by Andy Mathieson, 20schemes church planter in Lochee, Dundee

On the 23rd of October 2016 the Lochee team covenanted together around our statement of faith. In doing that, we ceased to be a team and became a church. In some ways this was the culmination of years of vision on the part of 20schemes and Central Baptist Church and of 2 years of graft and vision on the ground by the team in Lochee. We have got to know and love our community, we have done our research, we have built connections and relationships, we have shared our vision, gathered a team around that vision and now here we are.

Job done?

It would be easy to think job done, what’s next. However, I urge you not to think that way. On Sunday 4 December we celebrated our official launch which was a special moment for us. We recently just baptised our first indigenous believer. We are several weeks in to what we hope will be a church that stands and lasts for generations preaching the gospel to the people of Lochee and seeking to plant other churches across Dundee and the rest of Scotland. In order for that to happen a “job done” mentality on our part or on the part of those who pray for us will not do.

I will build my church…

Churches are both exceptionally powerful and exceptionally fragile things. Powerful in their unconquerable nature routed in Christ’s promise to build His Church. Fragile due to the fact that if we drift away, from Christ exalting, God glorifying, Bible preaching ministry in to liberalism or dead orthodoxy, there is no guarantee that we will last for generations. Christ promised “I will build MY church,” he didn’t promise to build ours.

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Lochee Baptist Chapel: Gospel, Discipleship, Mission, Together

We are incredibly encouraged by the last few weeks and by the beginning of this new church. We have seen new faces, we have been joined by non-Christians, we have preached the gospel, sang God’s praise and broken bread remembering Jesus and the work he has done for us. It has been hard work but good work. Through all our joy we are deeply aware that Lochee Baptist Chapel is in its infancy and in order to thrive we have to remain committed to our core values of Gospel, Discipleship, Mission, Together. This cannot become a catch phrase or a mantra but a way of life. Babies do not grow from infancy to childhood into the strength of adulthood by accident. It requires love and care and dedication. The same is true for baby churches. Churches like Lochee Baptist Chapel.

We are deeply grateful for your prayer support. Please would you continue to pray for us. Here are a few things to pray for.

  • Pray for me in my preparation and preaching.
  • For the church that the Lord would knit us together in the love of Christ and one another that makes the gospel both visible and attractive to the community.
  • Pray that we would continue to make connections and relationships so that people would come to know Jesus and that God may be glorified in Lochee.
  • For our new believers that they would keep close to Jesus and walk with him all the way to the end.

Posted by Andrew Mathieson

Andrew is the lead Pastor of LBC and a 20schemes Church Planter, passionate to see Lochee and beyond reached with life saving good news of Jesus Christ. Andrew is husband to Lauren and dad to Talia.

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