20schemes: 2013 In Numbers

2013 was our first full year operating as 20schemes. It’s been an amazing year for us as we seek to establish ourselves both a home and overseas. here are some of the highlights of our year:

1 Mission
To see gospel churches established in Scotland’s Poorest places

5 Goals

a. Identify 20 schemes as priority areas
b. Identify, where possible, church revitalization partners in those schemes
c. Recruit Church Planters, Female Outreach Workers, and Ministry Apprentices to send into those schemes
d. Develop church partners to support and resource our work in the schemes.
e. Invest in indigenous leaders by providing training, resources and support

2 Founding Directors
Mez McConnell, Senior Pastor of Niddrie Community Church, Edinburgh & Matthew Spandler Davison, Senior Pastor of Redeemer Fellowship in Bardstown, Kentucky.

1 (Super) Womans Director
Sharon Dickens, who is our women’s co-ordinator and generally holds it all together behind the scenes!

10 Confirmed Applicants (7 of these are British & 3 are American)

3 church planting couples
1 female outreach worker
3 20schemes indigenous interns (2 female and one male)

7 Church planting candidates in the application process

2 female Outreach Workers in the application process

3 American Interns sent over the summer

14 US Church partnerships established

1 BBC Documentary filmed!

27 videos produced

3 vision Trips for 28 people accomplished

2 Workshops in partnership with 9marks hosted

11 International Conference exhibited at

34 different people from 5 different churches came over to visit the ministry during a 6 week period in the summer

The 1 and only Tim Challies live blogged a Vision trip for us

6 UK conferences spoken at

1 major UK Mission partnership with UFM
They will help us with administration, salaries, visas & promotion and recruitment.

1 major Canadian Mission partnership with AMG International
This partnership enables Canadian churches and individuals to give to the work of 20schemes and have their gift receipted within Canada

3 Specific areas we will be focusing our attention on in the coming 12 months

Lochee, in Dundee
Grangemouth, in Falkirk
Gracemount, in Edinburgh

All our efforts over the coming 12-18 months will be recruiting teams for these three areas specifically. Look out over the coming months for video(s) and more detailed information regarding these places. Please keep them in your prayers.

A special mention to the amazing and wonderful support of 9Marks and the staff at Capitol Hill Baptist Church who have been so supportive to us over the past year. We are immensely grateful for their partnership in the gospel. We are hoping that, as our friendship deepens, we will be participating in more day workshops on working with the poor. They really are one of the bedrocks of all we are trying to do in Scotland.

In the UK we are part of something called The East Of Edinburgh Gospel Partnership. This is a coalition of gospel centred churches in Edinburgh who have banded together to offer support, mentoring, training for gospel churches in Scotland needing encouragement to church plant, offer apprenticeships and evangelise our needy nation. This group of men have supported our ministry financially, prayerfully and have offered us a platform to promote our work.

We have had support in the past year from many people and churches all over the world. The intention in 2014 is to continue to raise awareness of our mission and the funds necessary to make it possible. We are looking to develop partnerships with 100 UK churches and 100 US financially supporting us monthly. We are a long way off that right now. In the UK there is a lot of interest but very little financial support form churches. We are also looking to develop 1000 people in the UK and 1000 people in the US willing to support us by £/$10 per month as well as back us in prayer. Again we are a long way off that too.

Please consider supporting our ministry this year. Please consider contacting us about speaking at your church. We would be delighted to come and inform you of the ministry of 20schemes and even talk to you about reaching out to the schemes/council estates in your area. Giving is easy. Just click on the following link to find out how.


Posted by Mez McConnell

Mez McConnell, is the Senior Pastor of Niddrie Community Church (Edinburgh, Scotland) and the founder and Ministry Director of 20schemes. He has been involved in full time pastoral ministry, both church planting and revitalisation since 1999.

  1. With just reading several of the comments, I suggest that both tenets being pursued are missing the mark. The target is so simple it is being overlooked. The base issue is “the speed” at which we introduce the target audience to the truth in its full depth. Remember Paul’s sensitivity to certain audiences. If certain things offend, he was careful, even when based on the truth, he was free to pursue. Dear Brothers, what we have here is a failure to communicate. You don’t blindside someone in the name of achieving a touchdown (win). You block error legally and score according to the basic rules that govern the game; i.e., the doctrine. The goal is to save souls. The truth rules. Speed is based on the environmental circumstances. One has to play according to the process (doctrine). It takes patience to cultivate an audience that has to be brought up to speed. It is a lot more exciting to score a passing touchdown on ever first and ten. Can i have an AMEN?


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