Niddrie, Edinburgh

Pastor: Mez McConnell (Founder of 20schemes)
Pastor/Ministry Team Leader: Andy Constable
Progress/Category: Independent established church
Address: Niddrie Community Church
PO Box 20840
Edinburgh South East
EH16 4RY

History: Niddrie Community Church is a revitalised church that was replanted from an old mission hall 15 years ago. Charlotte Chapel, a large city centre church, got involved in the process back in 1996. A new building was erected on the site in 2006 and Niddrie Community Church became a legal, charity registered, independent church with its own elected eldership in January 2012.

Community Profile: Niddrie has a population of 6325 with 42% of those recorded as being income deprived. It is the most deprived scheme in Edinburgh and ranks 31st in Scotland according to the government’s deprivation index. Niddrie is also part of an ongoing regeneration in Edinburgh and, as new houses and apartments are being built, this is bringing a number of young professionals and first time buyers into the area. Coupled with the influx of a growing immigrant population, Niddrie is an ever-changing community bringing many new opportunities to reach out with the gospel. Despite  a multi-million pound redevelopment project, it has all the problems associated with inner city housing schemes: unemployment, drugs, educational problems, mental health issues, and violence.

Alongside this, there is a growing influx of ‘young professionals’ moving into the new flats and homes, as well as an increase in immigrants from a number of countries including: Brazil, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and various African countries.




Income Deprived



Employment Deprived



Hospital Admissions for Drug Miss-use (per 100,000 population)



Emergency hospital admissions (per 100,000 population.)



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