Lochee, Dundee

Planter(s): Andrew Mathieson
Progress/Category: Launched December 2016
Address: Lochee Baptist Chapel
12 Bright Street
Website: www.locheebaptistchapel.com
Partner Church: Central Baptist Church, Dundee


Lochee Central Baptist Centre was closed as a church 20 years ago and the remaining few members of the congregation were relocated with Central Baptist Church in the centre of Dundee. The Lochee Centre has been well maintained and used for youth work and community groups in the local area. Central Baptist would like to plant a church in Lochee working in partnership with 20schemes. As part of their support, Central will continue to maintain the centre and provide accommodation on Lochee for a church planter and his family.

Community Profile

Lochee Scotland
Total Population (2011) * 19,223 5,295,403
% children (2011) * 18.4% 17.3%
% working age (2011) * 59.8 65.9%
% pensionable age (2011) * 21.8% 16.8%
% income deprived * 26.3% 14%
% 16-24 year olds claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance * 14.6% 6.4%
% 25-49 year olds claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance * 8.8% 4.2%
% 50-64 year olds claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance * 3.4% 2.1%
% 16-24 year olds claiming Key Benefits * 26.7% 13.5%
% 25-49 year olds claiming Key Benefits * 28.8% 15.6%
% 50-64 year olds claiming Key Benefits * 27.1% 19.1%
% employment deprived (2012) ** 31% 12%
Est. % prescribed drugs for anxiety, depression or psychosis (2004) 12% 8%
Number of SIMD crimes per 10000 (2007/08) 697
% people within 0-500 metres of any Derelict site (2012) 91.6% 30.90%

* Information for Lochee electoral ward. Source: www.dundeepartnership.co.uk
** Source: www.dundeepartnership.co.uk
Other information obtained from SMID and Scottish 2011 census data.

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Current needs

  1. Prayer partners: Will you commit to regularly praying for this work in Lochee and to being an encouragement to the workers there?
  2. Financial support: Would you consider supporting the workers financially?
  3. Visit: Will you consider moving into the area and being part of this new exciting work?

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