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The Gospel And Sexuality

Does the bible have anything to say about same sex attraction? Can the gospel be applied to these complicated situations? This video is the first of four sessions on sexuality by Sam Allberry at Niddrie Community Church.

Pastoring Those Who Struggle With Their Sexuality

In this session, Sam Allberry discusses some of the pastoral issues that can arise when discipling people who struggle with their sexuality and how biblical principles stand up regardless.

How To Live For Christ In A Gender Confused World

In this session Sam considers the cost of discipleship. Does being a Christian mean that we have to live lonely lives? Is it wrong for the single Christian to long for intimacy?

Questions On Sexuality And Identity In The Church

Sam Allberry is the associate paster of St. Mary’s Church, Maidenhead and author of ‘Is God anti-gay?’ amongst other books. This session was recorded from a conference on same-sex attraction and the church, hosted by 20schemes. Sam takes questions from the audience on a wide range of issues on the topic of same-sex attraction.

The Church in Hard Places

Mike McKinley talks about The Church in Hard Places

The Work in Hard Places

this is the excerpt