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Our vision depends on your donations and partnership. You can partner with us personally and corporately in the following ways:

Church Partnerships

20schemes is an organisation rooted in the local church. Could your church partner with us in one of the following ways?

Church PartnersRevitalisation Partners

Church Partners

Churches committed to reaching the schemes.

Ministry in Scotland’s schemes is hard work. It takes a long time. It is costly. It will not happen unless churches committed to reaching out with kindness, mercy, and compassion toward Scotland’s poorest decides to work together.

We are seeking churches with a passion to minister to the needy, a commitment to reach the unreached, and a desire to build healthy churches to come together in order to invest in this work.

Our Church Partners will encourage, pray for, and be a resource to the work of our missionaries and workers who are serving in Scotland’s schemes.

The vision of 20schemes is too big to be left to one church; one church planter cannot do it. We trust that God will forge together a partnership committed to reaching Scotland’s most spiritually and physically needy communities.

Pray. Give. Come.

  • Would your church be prepared to support the work of 20schemes, or one or more of its church plants through regular and ongoing prayer and finance? Would you adopt a scheme? Will you help support a worker?
  • Will your church visit us and see the need first hand? Consider joining one of our vision or mission trips.
  • Will you pray about how your church can be used to plant a church in Scotland’s poorest communities?
  • Will your church consider becoming a 20schemes Church Partner?

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Revitalisation Partners

Churches already in the schemes.

  • We want to work alongside gospel preaching churches that are already ministering within the schemes.
  • We recognize that while most schemes contain no gospel witness, there are some being ministered to by existing churches.
  • We desire to form partnerships with such churches. We recognize that the work is hard and at times discouraging. Our goal is to be a support, an encouragement and a resource to such partners.

If you’re interested in becoming a Revitalisation Partner, please complete the form below…

For more information about church partnerships, please contact