Christmas Challenge

At 20schemes, our vision is to see churches planted and revitalised in the schemes of Scotland. While it is common to focus on the economic and social state of deprived communities, we believe that the greatest problem in the schemes of Scotland is spiritual. People don’t know Jesus.

We believe that gospel-preaching churches in Scotland’s schemes, made up of believers living intentionally in the schemes are the best way to reach the lost in the schemes.

Urgent Building Needs

Each Christmas Season, we set out to raise the funds necessary to accomplish a goal critical to our work. This year we are focusing on our work in Gorgie, a community in the heart of the city of Edinburgh. A gospel witness has existed there for over 100 years. We thank God for and all who have kept it going for all those years

Although we are grateful for the gift of this building, it became clear upon thorough inspection that the building is not safe for use due to the exposure to asbestos. We have had to temporarily close the building to address this challenge and undertake a complete renovation. It is estimated that it will cost £250,000 | $300,000.

We want to launch a brand new work in the community and continue to preach the same gospel that has been declared over the past century. People change. Buildings change. But, the gospel remains the same.

Be a part of the gospel legacy in Gorgie!

136 years ago in October 1887 Miss Emily Pearce started Gospel meetings for the Railway Men at Haymarket Station in Edinburgh. Over the years many faithful servants continued the work, preaching the gospel.

The photo here is from a service in 1987 celebrating the work and witness in Gorgie over 100 years!

Mez McConnell and Benny Anderson are currently leading a small group who have been meeting together the past seven months for Bible study, prayer and creating a strategy going forward. After Sam has finished his two years of training he will be brought on as as associate pastor.

Gorgie Community Church will seek to glorify Christ and faithfully preach the good news of Jesus.
We are committed to reaching out to local people of every tribe and tongue, who make up this community. 

Benny Anderson

More opportunities in the East!

If we meet our target any extra funds will go towards the purchase of a building for the team in Tranent. Here is a little bit of their story from Tim Rawlinson, the planter.

‘For the past 2 years, a small team has come together to plant a new local gospel church in the town of Tranent, a traditionally working class town of around 13,000 people.  There are areas of the town categorised as ‘most deprived’ according to government statistics, but it is a place primarily in need of the gospel and a healthy church making Jesus known.  20schemes have partnered with Musselburgh Baptist Church to plant this new church to declare and display the glorious good news of Jesus for the people of Tranent.  

An opportunity has arisen to purchase a conspicuous building on the High Street, in the heart of Tranent.  The property, a former bank, would form a base for outreach and provide a permanent footprint in the community where the church could meet.  We are looking to the Lord to provide for the purchase and remodelling of this property, for the fame of his name & the reaching of the lost.’

Will you join us as we strive to make Jesus known in the East of Scotland?

A generous donor has pledged to match every gift up to $100,000.

We need your help to raise the additional funds so that our team will have a place from which they can minister to the people of Gorgie. With your contribution, we pray that our vision of a thriving church will materialise over the next two years.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your support and contribution. We will keep you updated on Gorgie’s progress, ensuring you remain informed and engaged on this journey.

Put simply, we need your support.

We need your help!

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