Christmas Challenge

At 20schemes, our vision has always been to see churches planted and revitalised in the schemes of Scotland.

These areas might be ones of economic, social & health deprivation but that is not the root problem.

The problem is that there is a spiritual poverty in Scotland and it is at its worst in the schemes.

The only true fix to Scotland’s spiritual poverty is gospel churches planted and revitalised in the schemes, so that saints can live alongside and share the gospel with the people in these communities.

‘WEST is best’ right?

There’s a common phrase amongst many western Scots that the “West of Scotland is the best of Scotland”. Whether that’s true or not we’ll leave it for others to decide.

Certainly, when you talk about working class communities in Scotland, full of character and life, you can’t not talk about Glasgow and its surrounding regions.

Glasgow alone has 97 schemes and as you move out through Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, Dunbartonshire, Inverclyde and Ayrshire (which make up this ‘West’ area) there are hundreds more.

These schemes are all tight-knit and loyal communities, but they can also be places of deprivation, addiction, family-breakdown and much need.

Yet for us at 20schemes the biggest problem is the lack of healthy and growing gospel churches in the schemes of the West.

Thank you!

In last year’s Christmas Challenge your money helped to reach Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, with the gospel and, because of your amazing generosity, we were able to move forward with new plants in Baillieston and Kilmarnock, as well as training new church planters and discipling women’s workers and interns in our ‘West Hub’. Thank you!

People like Lorna in Baillieston have benefitted from your support in last year’s Christmas Challenge.

Lorna, a Christian for many years, joined our new Baillieston plant during the COVID pandemic, after hearing about the church through a fellow parent at a local event.

She was moved by the faithful Biblical preaching that she hadn’t experienced in previous churches, and was compelled by the Spirit to stay, get baptised and come into membership.

Baillieston, like many schemes across the West of Scotland, needs to know the hope of Jesus from a local church that preaches the gospel faithfully.

Lorna, Member of Baillieston church plant

Since last year, more and more opportunities to plant and revitalise in the wider West of Scotland area have sprung up. Buildings have been gifted to us and established churches are asking us to partner with them.

We had big plans for reaching this part of Scotland with the light of the gospel, but the Lord’s plans were bigger still!

“I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.”
John 4:35

I’ve heard enough, I want to give!

I am giving to the Christmas Challenge from

New opportunities

One such opportunity that God has revealed to us is a revitalisation project in the rural working-class town of Kilwinning, Ayrshire. Through our partnership with the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) we heard about Kilwinning Evangelical Church and their prayers for more people to help reach at least seven schemes surrounding the church with the gospel.

It has been a joy to get alongside this church, with Logan Heeke taking on the role of pastor and looking to build a team around him. Please pray for Kilwinning Evangelical Church and consider supporting this revitalisation effort!

Kilwinning is just one of many opportunities the Lord has presented to us the past year, and that is why we are coming to you, our supporters, asking for you to prayerfully consider supporting our Christmas Challenge 2022.

We need your help!

For this work to grow we need your prayerful, financial and physical support. Our Christmas Challenge target this year – £/$150,000.

The Lord has begun a great work in the West of Scotland – seeds are being planted. Yet we are desperate for church planters to lead church plants, workers to serve in the teams and money to multiply the work as new God-given opportunities spring up!

Put simply, we need your support.

Will you join with us as we seek to make Jesus known in the schemes of the West of Scotland?

Yes, I want to give!

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